Charles Dickens

The novel

Oliver Twist first appeared in instalments (a puntate) and was later published as a book. The novel tell the humiliation Dickens experienced when he was a boy.

The plot:

Oliver Twist is a poor boy of unknown parents (genitori sconosciuti). He is brought up (è cresciuto) in a workhouse (casa di lavoro) in an inhuman way (in modo disumano).
One day he runs away to London (fugge a Londra).
There he falls into the hands of a gang of young pickpockets (una banda di giovani borseggiatori), who try to make a thief out of him (che cercano di fare di lui un ladro).
At last the boy is helped by a middle/class family that adopts Oliver and shows kidness and affection towards him.
After some investigations it is discovered that Oliver has noble origins.