The Life (1660-1731)

Daniel Foe (“De” was adopted by the writer himself) had an eventful (non conformista) life.
His father wanted a religious career for him, but he began working as an apprentice (apprendista) and then on his own (in proprio).
Defoe suffered two bankruptcies (bancarotte).
He became journalist and in this way he became a famous and well-paid intellectual by writing political essay and pamphlets (opuscoli).
The Queen Anne didn’t like his critical and he was arrested. He denied (negò) his ideas so as to be freed (liberato) and he became a secret agent for the new governement.

The novelist

When he was about sixty, he started to write novels which were very successful. His first novel was Robinson Crusoe, then Captain Singleton, Moll Flanders and Colonel Jack. His last novel was The fortunate Mistress, better known as Roxana.
He had a confortable standard of life, but his old creditors haunted him (gli diedero la caccia) till his death.